Culture walls can be designed this way

- Aug 21, 2018-

A competent corporate culture wall is not only a corporate bulletin board, but also a corporate performance chart. Due to the limitations of technology development, traditional performance tables are often difficult to operate when information needs to be changed. Now, with the help of NELIFE, many companies have customized magnetic company performance tables to facilitate office work.


The company culture wall generally adopts the simple and atmospheric design to highlight the stable and reliable image of the enterprise. Therefore, after communicating with the customer, the designer of the magnet family decided to use blue and white as the main color and create a magnetic sales ranking table for the customer according to the style of the company's performance table.

As the technical responsibility of magnetic wall, NEWLIFE's corporate culture wall adopts advanced and excellent double-layer magnetic structure. The upper layer is the writing membrane, which can withstand thousands of times of writing, do not worry about misspelling, wet cloth wipe is no trace, easy and convenient to use. It can easily meet the needs of customers to update the company's performance table at any time, so as to motivate employees and create a good atmosphere for the sales company. NEWLIFE recommends using a water-soluble, dust-free chalk, which is environmentally friendly to the office environment.