Creative graffiti wall

- Jun 08, 2018-

The appearance design of the house with clear edges and corners + fluent writing board face material, it is not only the treasure that writes fluent, it is the appearance that shows in the home wall level bears, simple and creative, make the space more outstanding.


Children like to doodle, adults like to paint, and free creative space is the pursuit of every free soul. If you can achieve freedom anytime and anywhere, it is a great pleasure in life. Add a magnetic writing board in household, simple and along with the gender, the creation of freedom can be realized, and creative house type graffiti wall, very suitable for like small and pure and fresh and literary artist fan's life.

The advantage of magnetic writing board is used with dustless chalk, easy to wipe a trace, repeatedly writing reaches to one hundred thousand times a cinch, smooth texture, can bring you a good writing experience. Something's wrong. Let me erase it. Let me do it again; I'm not happy with it. Let me erase it. Let me draw it again! Gently wipe, easy to wipe not dirty, free to modify no problem.


NEWLIFE the idea of house type wall of boring modelling, is no longer drab cutting graphics, compared with solid square wall stickers, angular lines structure bring stereo feeling, appearance level instantaneous gain points. Adopt the magnetic material of environmental protection, more have the function that DIY decorates freely. Magnetic material can be easily adsorbed, wall decoration is more convenient, no glue nailing installation method, to avoid damaging the original wall structure, and adjustment and addition are very convenient, easy to move. Magnetic metope wall is stuck not only install convenient, and environmental protection is healthy, reduced the use of coating, no stupid does not have formaldehyde harm.