Contraindications for the use of X-ray shielding materials and it's service life

- Aug 24, 2020-

Doctors' long-term exposure to X-rays does a lot of damage to the human body. So doctors need to wear X-ray shielding at work to protect themselves. The X-ray shield is the doctor's armor. When using X-ray shielding clothes, the following taboos and years of use must be noted:


1. Avoid contact with sharp objects when using or storing X-ray shielding clothes, so as to avoid breakage and leakage of wires.

2. X-ray shielding clothes shall not be directly exposed to sunlight and shall avoid light, heat and acid and alkali contact with chemical substances.

3. X-ray shielding clothes should be stored in a warehouse with ventilation and non-corrosive gas, and the temperature should not exceed 80℃.

Service life:

The Ministry of Health of China stipulates that the service life of X-ray shielding clothing should be 4-5 years. If the service life is exceeded or the frequency of use is too high, the protective effect of protective clothing can be preliminarily checked. If there is a professional dosimeter, the dosimeter can be used to detect the degree of ray attenuation, so as to determine whether the protective products need to be replaced.