Company culture wall with the capable of communicating

- Nov 06, 2018-

"When visiting clients say our company's office culture wall is special, we know that the decision to customize a corporate background wall was right." This is the customer feedback when NEWLIFE makes the customer return visit. The office, in the impression of many, is dull and serious. If you want to add a bit of life to your office, it's a good idea to customize your company's wall pasting in addition to planting floret grass.


Corporate background walls, staff communication walls

The communication between the employees in the company is more associated with the job, for colleagues seldom showed his emotions, or with colleagues directly express their admiration of love will be embarrassed, but with the corporate office wall stick, employees can freely in the above message, write down with department colleagues to complete the KPI, write down hard for the company to work overtime, write down their expectations of future work, provide a place to let staff communication, build enterprise positive atmosphere.

Company wall paste, enterprise's warm wall

Every office culture wall has a theme that most companies want to show off their corporate ambitions. Such office walls look imposing, but less human. Who said the corporate background wall must be full of achievements, warmth is also possible. Looking at the photos of employees' activities in the magnetic photo frame is also a unique warm power in the enterprise, which inspires the staff's morale and lays a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.

NEWLIFE, the best provider of magnetic culture wall solutions

Special magnetic technology to give customers special wall experience; The stable double-layer structure can protect the wall and bring new patterns of DIY. Smooth writing film ensures smooth writing is not a dream. The charm of the office culture wall is only clear to those who have experienced it. Choose NEWLIFE!