Common Applications for Flexible Magnets

- Jul 11, 2019-

Flexible sheet magnets, which are commonly used for refrigerator magnets, combine ceramic ferrite magnet powder with a flexible thermoplastic binder. The manufacturing process involves injection molding, which is well suited to high volume applications. The flexible nature of the material enables forming into intricate, tight-tolerance shapes. However, since the material is an alloy of ceramic ferrite material, the magnetic strength is weaker than a solid ceramic magnet. Still, the versatility of the flexible sheet enables its use in many applications.

Common Applications for Flexible Magnets

  • Appliances

  • Business Cards

  • Calendars and Bookmarks

  • Crafts and Toys

  • Display Advertising

  • Interior decoration

  • Office stationeries

  • Gaskets

  • Labels

  • Latches and Fasteners

  • Motors

  • Package Closures

  • Promotional/ Novelty Items

  • Security

  • Sensors

  • Surface Masking

  • Trade Show Booths

  • Vehicle Signs

  • Window and Door Seals