Co50V2 Iron Cobalt Vanadium Soft Magnetic Alloy Rod

- Oct 19, 2019-

Product Description

Co50V2 Iron Cobalt Vanadium Soft Magnetic Alloy Rod

Co50V2 is high saturation magnetic induction intensity of iron, cobalt, vanadium soft magnetic alloy in existing soft magnetic alloy calcium alloy has the highest saturated magnetic induction intensity (2.4 T), and high Curie temperature (980 oC), saturation magnetostriction coefficient of maximum (60 ~ 100 * 10-6).
Due to the high saturation magnetic induction intensity, when making an equal power of motor, can greatly reduce the volume, when making electromagnet, under the same cross-sectional area can produce larger suction force.

Due to their high Curie point, can make the alloy can be in other soft magnetic alloy material has been completely demagnetization work under the high temperature, and maintain good magnetic stability.

Due to the large magnetostrictive coefficient, and is suitable for used as a magnetostrictive transducer, output energy is high, the efficiency is high.The resistivity of low alloy (0.27 mu Ω m.), is not suitable for use under high frequency.

Price is more expensive, easily oxidized, processing performance is poor, adding suitable nickel or other elements, can improve the processing performance.

Application: suitable for making quality is light, small volume of aviation and space flight with electrical components, such as, micro-motor rotor magnet pole head, relays, transducers, etc

Chemical composition
Chemical properties
Resistivity μΩ·mdensity g/cm3Curie point TC/oCSaturation magnetostriction coefficient
Mechanical properties
 hardnessTensile strength
Hard stateHRC351323MPa
Soft stateHRB90490MPa

Soft magnetic alloy are in weak magnetic field with high permeability and low coercive force of alloys.This kind of alloy are widely used in radio electronics, precision instruments and meters, remote control and automatic control system, the combination is mainly used for energy conversion and information processing, the two aspects of is an important material in the national economy.