Clear Removable Double Sided Adhesive Acrylic Foam Tape Nano Tape

- Jul 13, 2020-

Product Description

Super Strong Multifunctional Double-sided Adhesive Tape Washable Nano Magic Tape

Washable Double Sided Magic Nano Tape Specification

WidthFrom 20mm to 1000mm.Normal:20mm,30mm,50mm ect.,or as required
LengthFrom 1m to 100m.Normal:1m,2m,3m,5m ect.,or as required
Typedouble-sided tape
PrintedNo Printing
MOQ2 rolls depend on type
CertificationsISO9001:2008,SGS,ROhs ect
PackagingNormally Packaging:200rolls/carton,100rolls/carton,50rolls/carton. or as required
Special size can be made according to customer's requirement


Multipurpose Double Sided Mounting Tape - Washable Traceless Clear Adhesive Tape - Household & Industrial Gel Grip 

Double Sided Adhesive Tape, 9.84Ft/3M Reusable Washable Traceless Gel Tape for Home, Wall, Room, Office (Transparent 2mm) 


Building Industrysuch as glass curtain wall,dool assembly and elevator's bonding,sealing etc...
Hardware Manufacturingsuch as nameplate,mark's paste and fixed;
Automotive Industryvarious car and vehicle assembly;
Advertising industrySolar photovoltaic industry and other industry.
Electronics Industrysuch as electronic digital products and home Appliances's bonding,sealing etc...

Part No.





Foam-Cling Tape

high tack

Foam-Cling tape, one side is   strong Foam-Cling with blue liner, the other   side   is permanent PSA with paper liner.

It is suitable for mounting on   the backside of POP board with a certain thickness,   and adheres to rough and tight   surface.


X-Cling tape50

high tack

X-Cling tape50, one   side is high-viscosity   X-Cling with   clear liner, the other side is permanent   PSA with release paper.

It   is suitable for mounting on the back of the advertising board with a certain thickness, and adheres to the   flat and dense surface in indoor, avoid   sunshine.