Classification of electronic components

- Mar 22, 2018-

First, components: The factory in the processing of raw materials do not change the molecular components of the product can be called components, components are not required energy devices. It includes: resistance, capacitance, inductance. (also known as passive component passive components)

Components are divided into:

1, Circuit-type components: diodes, resistors and so on

2. Connecting components: Connectors, sockets, connecting cables, printed circuit board (PCB)

Second, device: factory in the production and processing of changes in the structure of raw materials products called devices

Devices are divided into:

1, the active device, its main features are: (1) its own consumption of electricity (2) the need for external power.

2. Discrete devices, divided into (1) Bipolar transistor (2) field effect transistor (3) SCR (4) Semiconductor resistor capacitor