China Flexible NdFeB products, The quantity is large but the price is low

- Mar 31, 2019-

At present, China's NdFeB industry has accounted for nearly 90% of the global market share. China is already the world's industrial center for sintered NdFeB and flexible NdFeB magnets. In 2010, China's NdFeB magnet production has exceeded 80% of the world's total production. Compared with the huge production capacity, most of China's NdFeB enterprises are still in the middle and low end products, there are not many high-end products become a bottleneck restricting the profitability of enterprises. 

NdfeB market has a broad prospect

In recent years, with the further energy improvement of NdFeB, NdFeB has gradually replaced other magnetic materials become the mainstream magnetic materials. Due to the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, light weight, small size, good speed control, NdFeB is widely used in wind power generation, new energy vehicles and energy-saving appliances and other sunrise industries. In the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, NdFeB is ushered in a new development opportunity.

At present, China's NdfeB enterprises have reached more than 200, the domestic production scale of 5 enterprises has been nearly 1000 tons. And hundreds of tons of production scale of more than 40 companies, industrial scale in the international scope are occupied in the forefront. However, due to the domestic NdfeB materials are mostly low and medium grade products, products are mainly used in low level applications. so although China's NdfeB production in the world's forefront, but the profit is very limited. 

However, bonded ndfeb is different. China's bonded ndfeb products are the best in both quality and production in the world.