Children's graffiti blackboard

- Jan 25, 2019-

Every time I look at the children's graffiti blackboard at home, I feel very happy. On the magnetic clean blackboard, there are children's doodles and sketches of my family members, which constitute our unique "blackboard newspaper".

I remember seeing the DIY magnetic chalkboard on NEWLIFE's website for the first time and was immediately attracted by it. This magnetic blackboard is also too convenient! The trouble that does not stick wall paper, also do not have the overwork that besmear blackboard lacquer, need to stick simply in metope ok.


A magnetic two-layer blackboard is a two-layer structure. The bottom layer is 3M magnetic backing adhesive, convenient and firm adhesion; The surface layer is a high density iron rubber layer, and is made by nanometer grinding technology, which can ensure the adsorption of the writing surface and magnetic bottom, without falling off or foaming. Durability is one of the reasons I chose this blackboard.

Now, our family's magnetic children's graffiti chalkboard regularly changes "blackboard newspaper". No matter be painting style qing qi, or be like schoolboy blackboard newspaper, we enjoy very much. Those by the common painting brings fun and happiness, is the most valuable harvest of our family.

The magnetic children's graffiti blackboard records every bit of time when we accompany our children to grow up, and records the process of emotional communication and warming of our family members.