Car sign magnets: Decor your car freely without harm to the car

- Jun 05, 2018-

Car sign magnets include three layers:magnetic rubber sheet,bond line and printable media. It can stick on car easily by magnetism principle instead of using glue. And the rubber magnet is flexible which can follow the gross contours of the car surface. So clients can easily change and decor their car with this materials without doing any harm to the car and paint on surface. 


Newlife offers different mateiral according to clients` detailed application. Generally speaking, for the static car decoration in 4S store, we recommend car magnet with around 0.5mm thickness. However, if you need to use it in a running car, the car magnet is suggested to be around 0.8mm thickness. Different thickness decide different magnetic strength. The thicker, the stronger! 

How to make magnetic car signs? Because some printers and machines contain iron part, which is not allowed to work on rubber magnet. In this situation, We can offer plain magnetic sheets, customers can print on normal printing media first then laminat on our plain magnetic sheets. And if your machine does not contain iron part, you can use our printable magnet sheets or magnetic vinyl directly. it will save the procedures and time for you! You just do the printing and cutting!


Bonus: as the leading company in rubber magnet area, Newlife is always try our best to develop new products and improve our traditional products. You are always welcomed to contact us, there will be always surprice for you.