Can food still be eaten after going through security inspection?

- Mar 14, 2020-

People travel by train, by plane and other means of transport, and their luggage needs to go through security. The security check is set up to see through the items in the row. No matter people or any items, there is no privacy at all under the security check machine, which is a reflection of being responsible for the safety of the public. So the radiation of security inspection machine can have harm to human body? There is also fruit, food and other food after the security screening chance there is residual radiation? Is the food still edible? The security inspection machine is installed with lead curtain, in the security inspection machine with X-ray safety inspection, lead curtain plays the role of shielding rays. In holidays and other travel rush or when the passenger flow is large, passengers in order to hurry or to avoid loss of luggage, often scrambling to open the curtain luggage, this time will have a little radiation leakage. Don't worry, the radiation from the security inspection machine is much weaker than the X-ray from the hospital, it has almost no effect on human body, and there is no need to worry about harmful to human body.

So is food safe after it goes through security? With food and nutrition information experts said that the radiation of an object mainly depends on its own content and composition, fruit and other food will not be left because of X-ray exposure, let alone cumulative damage, the public can be assured to eat. The radiation device of the security inspection machine has strong and weak, can not be generalized, but its radiation standard is certainly in the safety line. And when these devices are installed and used, the radiation levels of the security inspection machines must be strictly tested by the environmental protection department to ensure the safety of the public.


Now food processing, radiation processing, high temperature cooking, low temperature refrigeration are safe ways of food sterilization. Irradiation sterilization can also eliminate vitamins, prevent the harm of diseases and insects, its penetration is strong, in the case of not opening the package can be sterilized. Radiation can prolong the preservation of food and produce. Experts say that when food is processed, there are different radiation dose standards to implement a reasonable dose standard, irradiated food nutrients will not be damaged, and will not cause side effects on the human body.