Can Flexible Magnets block cell phone signals?

- Apr 24, 2018-

Flexible Magnets can't block cell signals, and cell signals aren't equal to radiation. Flexible Magnets can only generate magnetic fields and change the magnetic field, and can't block cell phone signals.

Cellphone radiation:

The maximum amount of electromagnetic radiation released by mobile phone contact is the best, so it's better to answer the phone in a second or two after the phone rings.

All kinds of household appliances, office equipment, mobile phones and so on should avoid long operation.

1, Use your cell phone as little as possible. Don't use the phone for long periods of time, or use a landline instead of the phone to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

2. The mobile phone is at the maximum power when it is connected, so it is better to keep the phone away from the head when the signal is connected.

3. Mobile phones need not when to shut down as far as possible, as long as the plug, will emit electromagnetic radiation, just at the time of communication from the radiation doses than standby, as far as possible when in standby state where stay away from the body.

4. Use anti-radiation accessories.

If you want to decorate your room by flexible magnets, just do it, don't worry about the signal shielding.