Brief introduction of Window film

- Mar 22, 2018-

Glass window film, the English name is Glass windowsfilm, early also called Solar film, control film, with its application scope of expansion, also known as explosion-proof film, riot film, insulation film, according to its use function, also called automotive film, building film, safety film, etc. Thickness from 0.0125mm to 0.5 mm thick PC riot film, it is a multi-layer functional polyester composite film material, affixed to the glass surface to improve the performance and strength of glass, so that it has insulation, heat insulation, energy saving, explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet, beautify the appearance, avoid privacy, security and security protection functions, Mainly used in automotive glass and building doors and windows, partitions, ceilings and so on. The glass-window film is dyed on multilayer ultrathin and high transparent polyester film, magnetron sputtering, laminated laminating and other processes, with super toughness, can alleviate the glass flexural strength is low, the impact of fragile defects, greatly improve the impact strength of glass, can avoid glass fragmentation and peeling, debris spatter caused by personal injury accidents; At the same time with protection, anti-theft and other functions.

In recent years, glass window film in China's automotive and construction industry has been rapid development, especially small cars, 90% of car owners will choose to foil.