Blackboard daub wall, so easy

- Jun 23, 2018-

Magnetic wallpaper, creative chalk graffiti wall stickers A series of blackboard graffiti wall supplies are gradually popular with the masses. When dazzle cool, extraordinary becomes the key word of contemporary people, the blackboard wall with individual character dye-in-the-wood is the first choice that the home decorates popular. When creativity meets DIY, it can cater to the preferences of individual friends. Tailor-made, simple operation, when oneself can participate in the adornment match in the home personally, perhaps the love to the home will be deeper.


Square blackboard graffiti wall design, clean and simple, restrained and peaceful. Is it not for lack of a comfortable security at home? Perhaps feel the home pattern still defect what all the time, pass custom design, dazzle cruel magnetic wall paper also is a kind of enjoyment of life, small detail why cannot reveal big taste? The fashion sense of home arises spontaneously.

When the home installs on the magnetic toy wall that has childlike innocence extremely, can be surprised to discover more, in the simple space that we live at ordinary times, return many beautiful poetic flavour and pyrotechnics. At home, the little angels draw and write freely on the graffiti wall, releasing their own little universe, with various wall stickers of early education, timely learning education from children, it can be said that it is a multi-purpose thing. When all sorts of adornment magnetism buys a thing to match appropriately when, as our buyer friend writes in its social sharing circle: tailor-made design makes metope looks very comfortable... The room suddenly became lovely. What we are committed to is not an ordinary blackboard graffiti wall, but a simple and beautiful home for the buyer's friends, which can bring them a pure life atmosphere.