Are the magnetic toys harmful to the health of kids?

- Nov 14, 2019-

Are magnetic toys harmful to children's health? Nowadays, The young kids especially like toys, and toys with magnetism are favored by primary school kids, such as magnetic bar, magnetic plate and block. Many parents sometimes worry about the effect of magnetic toys to their kids,  they think the magnet maybe harmful to the health of the kids。


In fact, magnet is a useful thing for the human body, you know a lot of diseases can be cured through magnetic therapy. And magnetic therapy is also a kind of health care solution. Because the magnetic field energy of flexible magnets is very low, it is much weaker than the electromagnetic field emitted by TV, refrigerator and other household appliances, so it will not affect kid's body. So it's not a bad thing that babies are exposed to magnets.

Although there is no direct harm, but still suggest that parents do not let children play with magnetic toys for a long time, because the risk of children accidentally eat magnetic ball, magnetic toys, causing damage. The second child's awareness of health is not strong, sometime they don't wash their hands after playing and eat food and so on, a long time will have the accumulation of lead, lead high easy to cause a variety of diseases。