Applications of Newlife printable Magnetic receptive material

- Apr 03, 2018-

Newlife Magnetic receptive material is widely used in POP display, with a 30mil(0.75mm) magnetic base, adhesive magnets, the magnetic receptive pictures can be perfectly lay on the surface of the magnets with no glue. One benefit of the magnetic display system is, you can exchange the pictures very easy without damage the wall. 30 mil isotropic flexible magnet can supply enough strength to hold the picture, so no bubbles, no falling down.



Newlife created this printable magnetic receptive material from 2007 and patented this products in China and USA. Now this magnetic display system has been served more than 300 famous brands, especially the sports brands, all the brands are satisfied with the quick installation and this solution saved lots of labor cost of them. Before they change to magnetic display solution, most of them used the traditional display products like the foam board laminate PP pictures, the old solution would have to be installed by skilled people, and that need much longer time, Sometime the clients have to close their stores for one day to install the advertising pictures. The magnetic display system get rid of this trouble, make the advertising picture installation more efficient.


Some Sports brands have thousands of the stores in different cities, it is easy for the brand to change the new advertising pictures within one night.


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