Applications of injection molded magnets

- May 10, 2019-

1.Sunroof & Seats Motor Magnets:

The following products are injection magnetic ring mainly used for automotive sunroof, seats induced motors and so on.

2.Throttle Motor Magnets:

This injection molded magnetic ring are used for adjusting throttle in cars. It has unique design, high class materials and the materials have good heat resistance, oil resistance and grinding resistance. It has strict requirements and few of domestic companies can meet the requirements.

3.Cooling Water Pump Motor Magnet

This product is used for injection rotor in automotive turbochargers cooling water pump motor, it was under the monopoly of German previously. Our company has developed more than 3 years and it has fully in line with customer requirements. 

4.Sensor Magnet

Injection molded NdFeB magnets are widely used in automotive motors, sensors and high-end household appliance.

5.Flow rotor induction magnet

This flow rotor induction magnets are used in Water Heater. There are 4 poles in the each ends. It’s rotor and also a sensor.

6.Drainage Rotor Magnet

This rotor Drain pump magnets are used in washing machine. The magnets has 16 poles diametrically.

7.Tachometer Magnet

8.Plastic Magnetic rotors for BLDC motors: