Applications of absorbing materials

- Dec 03, 2019-

1, stealth technology

By coating various weapons and equipment and military facilities such as aircraft, missiles, tanks, ships and warehouses with absorbing materials, the reconnaissance radio waves can be absorbed, and the reflected signals can be attenuated so as to break through the defense area of the enemy radar. It is a powerful means of anti-radar reconnaissance and a way to reduce the weapon system's exposure to infrared guided missiles and laser weapons.

2, improve the electromagnetic compatibility performance of the whole machine

False signals generated by the reflection of electromagnetic waves from the fuselage of an aircraft may lead to false interception or false tracking by highly sensitive airborne radar. When several radars on an aircraft or a ship are working at the same time, the crosstalk between the radar receiving and receiving antennas is sometimes very serious. . To reduce such interference, coating radar or communications equipment with absorbent material on the fuselage, antenna and all surrounding jammers makes it more sensitive and accurate to detect enemy targets. The interference of the sidelobe to the main lobe and the distance of the transmitting antenna can be reduced, while the interference of the receiving antenna can be reduced. The application of absorbing material in satellite communication system will avoid the interference between communication lines, improve the sensitivity of satellite-borne communicator and ground station, and improve the communication quality.

3,RFID antenna anti-metal isolation application

This application mainly utilizes the characteristics of a class of high track rate and low loss absorbing materials with high track rate. Use, insert the suction wave plate 13.56 MHz back between the antenna and metal substrate, increase the induced magnetic field by absorbing material itself, reduce the rate of through the metal plate, thus reducing the induced eddy current generated in the metal plate, and then reduce the wastage of the induced magnetic field, at the same time, because of absorbing inserts, parasitic capacitance measured will also reduce, frequency deviation, consistent with the resonance frequencies of the card reader, thus improving card read distance, improve degree of course depends on how good absorbing material properties.

4 ,security protection

Due to the application of high-power radar, communication machine, microwave heating and other equipment, preventing electromagnetic radiation or leakage, and protecting the health of operators is a new and complex subject, absorbing materials can achieve this goal. In addition, electromagnetic radiation is a common problem in today's household appliances, which can also be effectively suppressed through rational use of absorbing materials and components.

5. Anechoic chamber

The space made up of walls decorated with absorbers is called the anechoic chamber. In the dark room can form the equivalent non-reflection free space (no noise area), the electromagnetic wave from the surrounding reflection is much smaller than the direct electromagnetic energy, and can be ignored. Microwave dark room is mainly used for radar or communication antenna, missiles and aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, astronauts measured in characteristic impedance and coupling back shoulder antenna pattern measurement and installation, testing and adjusting of spacecraft, it can eliminate the noise interference and improve the measurement precision and efficiency (indoor can work around the clock), still can keep a secret.