Application of flexible Magnets--Kids Educational EVA Alphabets Magnet, EVA Magnetic Letters

- Dec 03, 2019-

Key Specifications/Special Features:

The EVA foam, a kind of soft and bright material of the toy. 
This material is widely used in the children products in our daily life, EVA mat, EVA fridge magnet, EVA alphabets and so on. As one of the materials of the kid's toy, EVA alphabets is non-toxic and soft to keep children away from danger when they're playing.
The best character of the EVA material is that it can be produced with various color, especially the bright color which attracts kids' view to play with and study.
This product is a CUSTOMIZABLE item, you can make user-defined for your product.
The EVA letters can be produced in different thickness and size as long as you provide the dimension requirement to us, either the thickness of the rubber magnet.
The thicker thickness of the magnet, stronger magnetic of the letter.



Common size:
Uppercase: 5cm, thickness 5.5mm
Lowercase: 3.5cm, thickness 5.5mm
(The dimension of the letter can customize)
Color: Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, and so on( we can adjust the color as per the Pantone color card)
Packaging: Cardboard box; PVC bag; OX-ford cloth bag; Plastic Container, Plastic tube-shape container, Fiber tube container, Tin-plate container, and so on.
Instruction Book: Yes
Match product: Magnetic White board; Erasable Colorful Pen, Animal Fridge Magnet
The EVA Magnetic Letters widely used in the Preschool Education. Stick it on the whiteboard/ iron surface, let babies speak and spell, good for study for kids.
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