Anisotropic Flexible Rubber Magnetic Tape

- Jan 14, 2020-

Product Description

Used in the door gasket of refrigerator, disinfector, distillatory and cabinet, disinfect the cabinet, kitchen cabinet, 
steaming bath tube. Also, used as car sealing gasket and other soft gasket.
Property: isotropic or anisotropic fridge strip
Magnetizing: multi-pole on one side, 


Isotropic material: weak magnetism, used on iceboxes, presswork and marketing and promotion premiums

Anisotropic material: strong magnetism, used in such applications as micro-motors and magnet toys.
Size for reference:

(W) 610mm/1000mm
(L) 10/ 20/ 30/ 50/ 900meter
(T) Standard: 0.4 to 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/ 3.0mm          
      Special: 0.25mm/0.3mm

Surface Treatment:

Laminated with PVC Sheet

Laminated with Self-adhesive

?Chinese excellent standard self-adhesive

?USA 3M adhesive

?Screen Printing


? Professional Gifts

? Magnetic Photo Frame

? Car Decoration

? Magnetic Stationery

? Name Card

? Toys

? Advertisement