Additive Manufacture Tc18 Alloy Poewder for 3D Printing Spherical

- Nov 01, 2020-

Product Description

Additive Manufacturing Titanium Based Spherical TC18 Powder for 3D Printing 

Δ product of introduction:

We here selling EIGA producing atomizing Ti metal TA15 titanium alloy powder, which use
vacuum atomized technology.
The powder usually used on  additive manufaturing,  laser cladding ,Spraying,PM,electronic coating. etc.
We have our own equipment and can supply at any time.The alloy powder we produced is adopted
by technology innovation companies in Europe and North America.


Δ Product Features 
1) The powder has high sphericity, no hollow powder, narrow particle size distribution, good fluidity and strong density.
2) The particle size range of Titanium Alloy Powders is 20-1000 μm.
3) Effective control of powder particle size distribution, sphericity and oxygen consumption through optimized technology.
4) Inert gas two steps treatment and compensation process can control the forming degree of PRER producing
atomizing Ti metal TA15 titanium alloy powder more efficiently.

Δproduct parameter:
                          Spherical metal TC18  titanium alloy powder
chemical composition                    Chemical composition (wt.%) 
size (mesh

15-45 microns  D10 (10-15 microns),D50(15-25 microns),D90(40-50 microns)45-105 microns,45-150 microns  (offer customized services)




It is used in additive manufacturing, lase cladding , Spraying, PM, electronic coating.

Other things


ΔAbout the Powder Detection                                             
We use new type of powder testing apparatusto detect the propertiesof powder particles closely.  
 By referring tothe latest international standards,we strive to make the alloy powders produced  
  meet  the upper limit of international standards.


·3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
·Canning-HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing)
·MIM (Metal Injection Molding)
·Cold or Warm pressed Sintering
·Hot Spray-coating
·Braze Welding
·Other common areas

Δproduct mechanism and equipment:

ΔThe production process PREP

A) the unique cyclonic double ring slot atomizer, in the production of droplets for two times atomization, improve the fine powder collection rate.
B) closed loop temperature control, the process temperature error is controlled at ±1oC.
C) inert gas two stage treatment and compensation process can control the forming degree of powder more efficiently.
D) reduce impurity content and keep environment clean through vacuum production process.
E) the equipment adopts multi-level dust removal system to ensure that the production process meets the environmental protection standard.

Δ About us:

Guangzhou Newlife New Material co., ltd  is a high-tech
enterprise led by core members of the technical team.  
The company is mainly engaged in the design, development, production
and sales of spherical metal powder, powder equipment, metal 3d printing
parts, porous metal materials and titanium alloy product, widely used in additive
manufacturing, laser cladding, surface coating, electronic product and other fields.