About microwave absorbing material

- May 04, 2019-

Microwave absorbing materials are coatings whose electrical and/or magnetic properties have been altered to allow absorption of microwave energy at discrete or broadband frequencies.

They are increasingly being used to enhance shielding performance at higher frequencies and are commonly used in applications such as point to point antenna systems, optical communication equipment, digital cameras, notebook PCs, servers and high speed switches. Microwave absorbers are most effective when used in conjunction with a reflective ground plane, but may also be effective when used in a plastic housing.

Microwave absorbing material characteristics:

  • Flexible elastomeric material that will not crack or break

  • Lead/halogen-free and RoHS compliant

  • Thin

  • Durable

  • UL V0 flame rating available

  • Available with an adhesive backing

  • Available in a variety of dimensions and die-cut shapes

  • Foam microwave absorbers available