A4X1.5mm with Adhesive Isotropic Strong Rubber Magnet

- Aug 05, 2020-

Product Description

Products can be done as isotropic rubber magnet, anisotropic rubber magnet and neodymium rubber magnet

The max width we can do is 1.5 meters. 

The min thickness we can do is 0.3mm.


Description: A4X1.5MM with adhesive Isotropic strong rubber magnet
Material:Made of ferrite powder,synthetic rubber ,plastic and other materials .
Product Name:Flexible Rubber Magnet, Printable Magnet, Rubber Magnet, Magnetic Sheet, Magnetic Strip, Soft Magnet, Fridge Magnet.
Working Temperature:GradeTemperature
                      ISOTROPIC RUBBER MAGNET
                      ANISOTROPIC RUBBER MAGNET

Magnet Shapes and Sizes: Rolls,sheets,strips,bloclks,rings,with max.Width 900mm,thickness from 0.20mm-10mm,length can be as long as what customers require,steady pole
Surface TreatmentLaminated with pvc sheet of different colors ,self-adhesive tape ,coated with UV 
Color Imprinted & Die-cutLaminated with pvc sheet ,color imprinted with any disigns and logos ,die cut into any shape .
Features:Good flexibility and precise dimension                                                                                          

Production Method :extruding ,calendaring,injecting and molding
Applications:Promotion gifts ,advertising ,magnetic button ,door and window fixers ,seal strips ,magnetic stationery and micro-motoes etc .