A new color of magnetic blackboard

- Mar 14, 2019-

A new color of magnetic black board

Malachite green is a beautiful color. The malachite green color magnetic blackboard also lets the human think of the peacock opens the tail the beautiful posture. Magnetic blackboard is more and more popular nowadays. Many families like to use geometric blackboard wall modeling to dress up their homes.


Magnetic blackboard as a wall decoration supplies, practical is also very strong. Magnetic blackboard using a double - layer structure, installation is more convenient and simple. Then you simply clean the wall and install the Flexible Magnetic Sheets. After the Flexible Magnetic Sheets are installed, take out the writing material and attach it.

The role of magnetic blackboard using magnetic force installation on the wall, flat and no bubbles. Don't worry about affixed after uneven wall; Digital cutting technology can adapt to various sizes to fit your wall. 

NEWLIFE magnetic blackboard also takes the needs of different types of customers into consideration, and the product design is more humanized. Flexible magnet make the magnetic blackboard can be rolled, and the magnetic blackboard wall can be cut , so that customers can feel fun of decorating their own home by themselves.

Malachite green color of magnetic blackboard wall, the color is soft, it won't hurt your eyes. This color can also be integrated with most decoration designs. Magnetic chalkboard affixed to writing, drawing, recording calendar, writing is very smooth. Use water based crayon to write. Users don't have to worry about health.

If you have kids, you can also encourage them to use magnetic chalkboard walls to write, learn and develop a good interest. At the same time, the principle of magnetic adsorption can also adsorption carrier, do the wall storage, three-dimensional extension, save space.