A Magnetic Office decorating solution

- Apr 16, 2018-

Newlife's Magnetic display system applied a great solution for office decorating, when you want to change your office style, no need to paint your wall again or change the floor. Let see how to re-decorate your office in a easy way.

Step1, put Newlife Adhesive backed magnet on the wall to create a magnetic surface, it's standard 0.76mm(30mil) flexible magnets with adhesive on the back, it is very easy to handle, much faster than paint, and no need to wait one more day to dry.


Step2, put your printed magnetic receptive wall paper on the surface of the magnetic wall, Newlife printable magnetic receptive material can be printed by UV and HP Latex, the ink no harmful voc, you can choose any color style to pint on the wall paer. Beside this, you can also laminate one more layer of Newlife transparent drywipe erasable film on the wall paper, so that the wall paper will become to a white board, then you will have a printed whiteboard on the whole office wall.


Step3: change the floor! don't do anything to your floor, just put one layer of Newlife magnetic floor on the top of the old floor. you can install the whole room floor within 30 minutes. 


If you wanto re-decorate your office, it's not a big deal, try Newlife magnetic solution, it not only help you save cost, but also save your valuable time.