A Magnetic EXHIBITION DISPLAY solution

- Sep 29, 2019-

Magnetic and attractive products offer a level of versatility for exhibition displays that other materials simply cannot match.


Our products for designers of exhibition booths around the world allow rapid and efficient installation while maintaining strength and safety. This is the key to a successful and safe display or structure.

We also have a range of magnetic medias ideal for creating vivid displays that can be rolled for transportation, quickly installed and held in place indefinitely by magnetic attraction.

The magnetic medias are  a versatile method of displaying visuals within frames that can be suspended, wall mounted, floor standing or used on counter tops.

This magnetic exhibition solution include three types of universally printable media: ferrous film,  flexible magnetic sheet and  flexible ferro sheet. All are suitable for use on flat or curved surfaces.



This magnetic exhibition solution is also a popular method of mounting exhibition displays. Applying adhesive-backed magnetic tape to a display frame and also the graphics ensures perfect alignment, a secure magnetic hold and rapid assembly.

The magnetic exhibition solution is suitable for large format displays. 


The benefit of the magnetic exhibition solution

Once and done base installation - The self-adhesive magnetic sheeting material is applied to the wall or similar surface only once during initial installation.

No expensive installer needed - Newlife magnetic receptive sheets lie perfectly flat or can be wrapped around curved surfaces. Best of all, Anyone can roll it out, position (or reposition) in place and admire their work. It makes display installation quick, inexpensive and painless.

Save on shipping - PET laminated magnetic receptive sheets can ship in simple mailing tubes. That saves on expensive shipping costs. Don’t throw the tube away. Newlife Magnetic sheets can be used over and over again.