70mm*115mm / 125mm*125mm Electromagnetic Shileding Material Flexible Magnetic Sheet for RFID

- Aug 30, 2019-

Product Description

Ferrite plate/Magnetic sheet
is a kind of excellent sheet materials used in 13.56 MHz communication magnetic field around antenna for anti metal . that is based on the magnetic ferrite sheet material of high temperature sintering , by increasing the magnetic field strength, effectively improve the induction distance.
1.High permeability, low magnetic loss(13.56MHz)
2.It,s also possible to load on a little gap because it is thin type.
3.Has flexibility, it does not crack by impact or the like.
Test Item        Test ParameterTest Tool    Unit Test method
Model No   GF1000  GF2000   ----    ----     ----
Color   Black siliver grey  Visual    ----    Visual
Working Frequency   13.56MHz 10~8MHzFrequency meter   MHz  GB/T 15151
Thickness  0.06~0.3  0.1~1.0Hardness Gauge   mm  ASTM D347
Working Temperature   -40~90   -40~80Industrial Refrigerator    oC    EN344
Permeability    150 65~100Dedicated Permeability testerμ(1MHz) GB/T 5026-1985
Density     3.6     3.6   ---- g/cm^3   GB4472-84
Resistance     1MΩ    1MΩIndustriy Resistance Ω/M   GB/T 3408

Applications :
1. Mobile phone, GPS and other wireless communications products;
2. Notebook computers, digital cameras, flat panel display(PDP) and other digital products;
3. Health care equipment of high precision electronic equipment and electronic circuit board(PCB)
At the same time, the absorbing material is widely applied to increase the RFID/NFC identification distance and efficient wireless charger design.
4.Integrate IC card with metal
5,Integrate IC card with metal
6.improved antenna reception sensitivity
7.For improving reception performance in RFID reader/writer
Specifications :
Regular size : 70mm*115mm ,125 mm *125mm ,65mm*125mm , 55mm*115mmSpecial size , can be according customer's requirement to stamping .
Application in NFC (Near Field Communication) payment type mobile phone and other handheld devices, electronic labels. The main role is to reduce the absorption of metal materials on the signal of magnetic field, by increasing the magnetic field strength, effectively increasing the induction distance. Payment type mobile phone (NFC) payment method is realized through the 13.56MHz RFID radio frequency identification system. The application of RFID smart label is affixed to the cover of mobile phone shell, it can maximize the space saving.