1000mm Width Isotropic Flexible Rubber Magnet Roll with Adhesive

- Oct 06, 2019-

Product Description

One side of this flexible rubber sheet is Isotropic Magnetic, which means it has magnetic field that can be attached to ferrous metal surfaces like metal door, metal cabinet, whiteboard, metal beam or pillar and even magnetic painted wall (normal wall painted with magnetic receptive paint)

The other side of this flexible magnetic rubber sheet is lined with self-adhesive and no magnetic field, suitable for sticking onto smooth surfaces like glass, wood, plastic, aluminum, papercraft, cardboard, and many more non-magnetic materials. To use, just peel off the release paper of the adhesive side and stick to clean surfaces. Apply firm pressure throughout the entire area to ensure pressure sensitive adhesive is fully in contact with the surface. For best results, leave adhesive to cure for 48 hours before using to ensure good bonding.

The advantage of this flexible magnetic rubber sheet with adhesive is its flexibility to easily cut into any shapes and sizes using regular pen knife of scissors and convenience to simply peel & stick.

Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheet with Adhesive has a wide range of usage. E.g. Fridge Magnet, Printed Magnet, Car Advertisement Magnet, Education Aid, Magnetic Posters, Magnetic Wall Display Decorations.


Thickness: from0.3mm to 1mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Thickness with Release Paper: 0.5mm (+/- 0.1mm)
Roll Max Width: 1500mm