The magnetic blackboard accompanies the child's growth

- Oct 13, 2018-

In addition to daily teaching, the magnetic blackboard in kindergarten can also give attention to the beautification function of the magnetic blackboard newspaper, so that children immerse themselves in the rendering of harmonious beauty. Therefore, the quality of the kindergarten magnetic blackboard is very important. In order to let children have a better teaching experience, sun international kindergarten also spared no effort to redecorate the classroom, specially installed a magnetic soft blackboard paste, for children at any time graffiti, a second change into children graffiti blackboard, to meet the curiosity of children.

In fact, this seemingly ordinary kindergarten magnetic blackboard hides unusual skills. Although it is similar to the ordinary blackboard, but it is a magnetic soft blackboard paste, as the name implies, it has magnetic suction. The advantage of this kind of magnetic blackboard in kindergartens lies in that changing teaching notes can be quickly pasted to meet the bilingual teaching needs of kindergartens, which increases the interest of the class and improves the acceptance of knowledge of children. In the spare time, a children graffiti blackboard, to provide a unique graffiti world for children.

NEWLIFE's kindergarten magnetic blackboard is made of magnetic soft material, which changes its shape as it wishes. All materials are environmental protection materials in accordance with the European Union standards, which care for the healthy growth of children. Dust-free chalk, smooth writing, wipe can be restored clean layout, especially for the magnetic black board, even if the drawing is wrong.


With such a versatile and interesting kindergarten magnetic blackboard, I believe that children will be eager to go to the kindergarten. Today's children are happy. They can not only learn knowledge in school, but also experience the convenience and practicality brought by advanced teaching equipment and improve learning efficiency. In the future, the family also hopes to provide services to more schools and accompany the growth of children!