Super Thin And Strong Printable Magnetic Media - Miracle Mag

Super Thin And Strong Printable Magnetic Media - Miracle Mag

Miracle Mag is the new generation high force flexible magnet, it is thinner, lighter and much easier to be printed. Miracle Mag has a vinylprint surface and is suitable for digital inkjet printing, screen printing and printing with Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV ink or HP Latex ink. We usea high quality PVc material that is waterproof and comes with a matteor gloss finish. Miracle Mag is a great solution for Car Sign.
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Product Details

MIRACLE-MAG is a new magnet material that combines 2 different technologies, micro-suction cling technology and our magnet sheeting technology, to create more than 220 lbs/SQ. FT of super holding force.The silicon micro-suction layer on the back helps to prevent magnet particle migration while adding additional resistance to sheer forces.

This new material addresses the 2 most common problems with carsign magnets. It stays on the car and the silicon back liner helps toprotect the paint from magnet particle migration. This material wasdesigned especially for magnet car signs! Same price as standard carsign magnet materials



  1. 10 TIMES stronger pull strength than same thickness magnet sheeting.

  2. Matte white vinyl print surface compatible with UV curable and screen printing ink sets

  3. Cling-King layer is bonded to the back.This silicon layer of micro-suction cups adds incredible holding force while helping toprotect the painted surface from magnet particle migration. 

  4. Leaves no residue afterlong-term use Magnet component attracts to iron, is constructed with a premium PET base forhigh and low temperature resistance andindoor and/or outdoor durability.

  5. Designed for smooth steel surfaces such aselevators, steel doors, and car signs.




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