Precision Powdered Metal Parts And Components

Precision Powdered Metal Parts And Components

NEWLIFE has a complete production line of 100 million units per month, which mainly produces various kinds of oil-bearing for micro motors, oil-bearing for fan motors, and small precision structural parts, etc. NEWLIFE Precision Powdered Metal parts can meet the requirements of most common oil-bearing, fan bearing, iron-base gear and other structural parts, as well as some copper sleeves and stainless steel parts.
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Product Details

Products of NEWLIFE Precision Powdered Metal parts

Bearing series:

* motor bearings of models 300, 360, 370, 050, 030 and 530;

* micro-bearings for vibration motors;

* special bearings.


Precision structural parts

* stainless steel powder metallurgy parts;

* precision iron-based structural parts and gears;

* copper sleeve structural parts.


Advantage of NEWLIFE Precision Powdered Metal parts

* develop and control raw materials and processes based on a complete testing system to effectively improve performance. Ensure compliance with environmental requirements;

* Producs are stable, safe and reliable performance;

* focus on micro, hollow and other special bearings and precision structural parts.


NEWLIFE PM BU has complete production equipment with monthly production capacity of 100 million pieces, advanced production technology and complete management system, which provide great guarantee for customers to make high-quality products.

NEWLIFE PM BU's partners include Nidec, Mabuchi Motor, SANYO, SANKYO, Copal, MES. At present the market of Precision Powdered Metal parts is expanding, the business has extended to Europe, southeast Asia and America.

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