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COVID-19 RESPONSE To All Friends and Partners, As a supplier of Flexible Magnets and printable medias, the NEWLIFE Team is closely following each country’s changing guidelines and remaining compliant, we are still fully operational and monitoring the situation closely. NEWLIFE is leveraging our global service system, but as you know, this is a global situation. We are doing everything possible to minimize the disruption and impact due to the situation while protecting

Hot Products

    • Lead Free X-ray Protection Apron

      Lead Free X-ray Protection Apron

      NEWLIFE the leader Manufacturer in the design and manufacture of personal lead-free radiation protection products to the medical profession. The products are high quality, ergonomically designed, durable garments including light weight lead free aprons ensure maximum protection while offering the highest levels of comfort and flexibility.

    • Reflective Magnetic Vehicle Sign

      Reflective Magnetic Vehicle Sign

      This Reflective Magnetic Vehicle Sign is made by flexible magnets and reflective vinyl film, customized screen printing, you can put it on your vehicle and take it off easy.