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Welcome to NEWLIFE Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd is the world’s largest manufacturer of flexible magnetic materials. Newlife is the inventor and the world’s largest manufacturer of wide-format magnetic POP materials, the largest format up to 64 inches wide. Newlife has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing magnet materials and our professional R&D team of more than 80 scientist and engineers leads the industry in innovation and new product

Hot Products

    • High Density Tungsten Counterweight

      High Density Tungsten Counterweight

      Tungsten weights and tungsten counterweights (bullet weight tungsten; tungsten fishing sinker; tungsten sinker; tungsten racing weight; tungsten weight; bullet weight) are used in applications such as weights in yacht, sailboat, submarine and other vessels, racing weights, tungsten stems for oil-well logging, tungsten fishing sinkers and so on.

    • X Ray Radiation Shielding Curtains Ultralight Lead Free V...

      X Ray Radiation Shielding Curtains Ultralight Lead Free V...

      Medical radiation protective materials are made of lead-free ray polymer absorbs through special processes. The materials are soft and environmentally friendly, which can effectively replace lead and lead composite materials. It has good resistance to nuclear radiation, aging resistance, shielding efficiency and lead equivalent of protective materials can be set according to customer requirements.

    • Double Sided Cling Tape Reusable Tape

      Double Sided Cling Tape Reusable Tape

      Tape Design: double-sided One side is removable Cling-King® adhesive (with transparent release film), free to post, removable, no residue, no damage to the installing surface; The other side is permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA with yellow release paper, and other types of adhesive is able to be customized), which is firmly pasted on the back of the thing, and it is convenient to use.